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Memorial Page    
This page is dedicated to the dogs that have passed on ...
We will forever miss their companionship and faithful services ...






Mystra, Lady Of Mysteries

Mystra was one of our beautiful black and tan German Shepherd Dog

that loved and raised our children. Mystra did a wonderful job being the

best friend and protector to all of us we decided to honor her by naming

our kennel after her ...






Blackforest Taze Mielikki TC

     Mielikki was our beautiful large boned dark sable female; the foundation to Mystra Shepherds' breeding program. "Mikki" was a dream come true for all of

us and loved by all that met her. You can see her today in all of our breedings ...





Ch Mystra-Blackforest's Joey TC, OFA

Member of The Thirteen Club

On Thursday, January 21, 2010 at 10:45 a.m. my beautiful baby girl Joey left for the Rainbow Bridge ... It was a decision we made after Joey, her creator and I had a long talk and they both showed me her very tired eyes that I did not want to see ... I knew then it was time to give her that last hug and kiss, to say our good byes ... My Joey laid across my legs on the floor at the vet's office with me hugging her and her giving me the last three kisses I would have from her until we will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge some day ... The love Joey and I had shared made saying good-bye all that much harder ...
Anyone that really knew us could tell you she owned my heart and soul from the moment I saw her tiny little sable tail wiggling back and forth just before she fell from her mom into my hands on that       January 16 at 3:55 a. m. in the middle of an ice storm ... Unknown to me at that moment, from that
minute on she would have me well trained to do as she wanted for her whole life ... Every day, three times a day Joey made her rounds to make sure everyone and everything was in order the way she wanted it ...
As she would check on everyone in our home she would play with any puppies she would find as they were her very own while their moms sat and watched ... Joey is and always will be with us in each and everyone of our Mystra Shepherds who all had the outmost respect for her as a Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother and even Great-great-grandmother ...
Love you my JoJo more than anything in the whole wide world ...
Kiss, Kiss, Kiss
Mystra-Blackforest's Casanova
   Cassey was born into my hands on an early icy winter morning and while I kissed him on the cheek with my arms wrapped around him on a hot summer afternoon he left me
for the Rainbow Bridge ... No matter what the season was the love he gave to me was one I could only dream of now having with another of his caliber ... Cassey was an extremely loving German Shepherd Dog who had an excellent temperament ...
He knew how to show proper leadership to all the others here
at Mystra Shepherds ... When people came to visit he was the first to greet them at the
gate with his deep bark and wagging tail ... Cassey knew of course everyone came to play with him ... When puppies, even as adults came back to visit they still paid homage to their Uncle Cassey ... Even though Cassey never sired any puppies he was the best teacher our puppies could of ever had over the past eleven years ... He was a true Champion at raising  the puppies and has taught his loving ways to some of our males that we have today ...  Cassey was a once in a life time best friend, protector and teacher ...  I can't really find the    true words I want to describe our Cassey that would do him the justice he deserves ...       Cassey will always be in my heart forever more ...



Mystra's Leader Of The Pack
Jarred was one of our big males with a wonderful temperament and a heart
of gold. His death came unexpected to all of us. He was only three and half
years old. The experience of his death was tragic, heart breaking and uncalled for. Jarred taught us many important lessons in his short life with us. One of them being to always check all gates are closed and locked properly behind us when coming and going out of our fenced in yard. Hopefully his death will not be in vain and will be a lesson learned not only for us but for  others who read this. In the short time Jarred was with us he sired four litters of puppies with some of our smartest and most lovable "kids".
We are blessed to see him every day in them ...



Duke Von Hillcrest TC, OFA, OFEL
Thirteenth Club Member
The love Duke and I had was a very special one as many of
you know ... To send him off to the Rainbow Bridge was one
of the hardest things I have ever had to do ... I gave him a
kiss on the forehead and he gave me a kiss very softly on
the chin while looking into my eyes as he always did ... I
know he knew how much I loved him and I wanted him to
leave with his dignity in tack as he always lived his life with
me ... I did not want him to get to the point he could no
longer walk on his own so I decided to let him go now ...
Being a true German Shepherd Dog he walked into the vets office holding his head high being proud to be by my side ready to leave for a place
called The Rainbow Bridge ...  Someday we will be together again at the Bridge ...
Duke sired over 30 litters of puppies in his life time ... Mystra Shepherds is
proud to say many have grown up to be an important part of our breeding program ...


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